People are fascinated by the world of rock music, and 21st Century Troubadour was written in its hidden corners, backstage areas, hotel rooms and airport departure lounges. This isn蘗t a conventional memoir of life in the music business. There are lists, poems, and advice on such topics as how to check in large amounts of bags on budget airlines without paying excess baggage fees, and what to do when you蘗re mistaken as one of U2.

You might not find out why Johnny Depp bought Andy a beer at Peter Gabriel蘗s place, but you蘗ll discover a whole different world of glamour in Andy蘗s life as a modern day folk singer.


Andy White was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. He has released ten albums, from Rave on Andy White (1986) to Songwriter (2009), and a book of poetry The Music of What Happens (1998). As well as writing, producing and recording, Andy spends much of his time on the road, touring the world with his acoustic guitar. 21st Century Troubadour is his first book of prose.